Kujur Plus Products And Solutions LLP is a Limited Liability Partnership firm incorporated on 30 January 2018 under Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008 companies Act . It is registered at Registrar of Companies, Jharkhand.

LLP Identification Number : AAL-8762
Registered address : KISKO MORE SHANTI NAGAR LOHARDAGA Lohardaga JH 835302 IN

Our Team


Puran Kujur
(Company Promoter)

Currently working in USA with 15 plus(+) years of multi-nation company working experience. Holds Master Degree in Computer Science & Engineering .


Neeraj Kumar
Managing Director (MD)

8 plus(+) years of multi-nation company working experience in Bangalore. Holds Master Degree in Computers . KPPS leader for last 5 plus(+) year.

About the


Kujur plus product and solution was founded in Jan 2018 by KPPS Team and this was the beginning of an inspiring journey. Today, Kujur plus product and solution is one of India’s fastest growing company which is primarily dealing with an extensive range of quality FMCG & apparel products. Widely preferred and trusted by customers and several food companies, KPPS assures goodness in all its products.

KPPS primarily focus on the consistent quality of our products and the careful selection of ingredients. We assures KPPS provide a unique taste of blend in it’s each of the product. We care each of the ingredients of it’s best quality while preparing the product.

Why Choose


FMCG products

Traditional fermented pickles

We assure for the best taste for Traditional Pickles.

  • Its an important part of diet in many cultures worldwide.
  • We ensure food security ,maintaining Highly hygienic environment .
  • Vegetable and fruits based pickles
  • we deliver high quality, pure and quality product
  • we believe in commitment, teamwork, hard work, hospitality, and generosity
  • we have our own homemade delicious tasty recipes


  1. Great comfort- Quality fabric and are versatile, comfortable, and relatively inexpensive Attractive Designs. is designed and the dimensions are transferred to patterns. Adjustment are made for size differences and stylist preferences which include proper sizing and fit, which also includes appropriate needles and seams, types of stitches, and the number of stitches per inch. Stitches must be loose enough to allow the garment to stretch without breaking the seam.
  2. Value for money – reasonable price and very affordable price We convey meaningful message

Digital and security surveillance services

  1. Quality detecting, quality monitoring and quality recording intrusion
  2. Great and immediate service support
  3. Great finishing.